“show up for yourself”

“Showing up as we are in that moment, we’re right on time, perfect. We are the medicine”..




Coconut oil crazy


I cried over the first batch I made because it was too dark. But then grew to love the rich firery flavor and aroma. I feel like I am wearing fire on me. And the color of sunsets. Local friends convinced me it was the color of coconut oil. Really somewhere in between the transparent and rich dark oil. I love them both now as well the in between. 20180407_100834.jpg20180404_074154.jpg20180403_133535.jpg20180403_133108.jpg20180403_133049.jpg20180404_173905.jpg20180404_074145.jpg


Get covered in sand and in childs pose GRIP the sand with you Manos, pulling shoulder blades together at beginning of practice..opens up the back and shoulders. 3 rotations. No sand, then suction cup hands like octopus, on yoga mat! Connect with the earth.20180213_172122